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Expanded Eligibility - 3rd Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine - MoH Guidelines

October 12, 2021

Dr. Jane Purvis, Chair of the ORA Government Affairs Committee and I wanted to share some great news. Ever since the Ministry expanded eligibility for 3rd doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to include immunosuppressed patients, we have been working to streamline the process so that vaccine referral letters are not required from specialists. Late last week, the Ministry released their new policy on this matter, and it lines up perfectly with what we had hoped for.

Specifically, the policy states: “Prescriptions/ medication bottles for the below immunosuppressant medications can be presented for third doses as needed.” Letters from physicians should no longer be required for patients taking any of these medications to access 3rd doses of the vaccine.

The full publication, including the list of eligible medications, is here (click image below):


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