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Scleroderma Research

Scleroderma Society of Ontario is dedicated to supporting continuous research of scleroderma diagnosis and treatment to support patients and caregivers. For over a decade, SSO has been providing funding to physicians and researchers seek new information for the scleroderma community. 

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2022-2023 Grant Application

If you are interested in completing our 2022-2023 funding request, please click here to download the application to get started. 

Have questions? Please reach out to us at

In partnership with Scleroderma Canada, Scleroderma Society of Ontario is thrilled to award monetary grants to physicians, researchers, organizations and more who prioritize scleroderma research, treatment and diagnose. 

Since 2012, Scleroderma Society of Ontario and Scleroderma Canada have provided over $1 million in grants to support scleroderma research, awareness, and advocacy. We are proud to celebrate and recognize our grant recipients and the work they do to support our mission and the scleroderma community. Below is a list of previous grant recipients.

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