My Scleroderma Story

Help amplify scleroderma awareness by sharing your scleroderma story. Your support will help amplify scleroderma awareness all throughout the year!

You can share your scleroderma story, even if you don't live with scleroderma yourself. For example, you could be...

  • A friend or family member supporting someone who lives with scleroderma

  • A doctor who supports patients who live with scleroderma, or a doctor that is/has researched scleroderma

  • An individual and/or volunteer who is passionate about supporting and spreading awareness for scleroderma

  • Anything!

You can share your scleroderma story in two different ways:

  1. Submit a 45 second - 1 minute video of yourself, sharing your connection to the scleroderma community. 

  2. Share a few photos of yourself along with a written story (about 5 - 6 sentences), explaining your connection to the scleroderma community. 

You can start sharing your scleroderma story by saying or including "Hi, my name is <insert name> and this is my scleroderma story..." and end by saying or including "Thank you for listening to my scleroderma story." If you would like to invite others to share their story, you can also add "What is your scleroderma story?"